image consultant spotlight: JACOB ZAUCHE

We’re asking our Des Moines based team of stylists to tell us a little more about doing what they love. This week, we ask Jacob Zauche, Image Consultant, Assistant Manager and Blog Contributor at Trixies Aveda Salon.

Jacob’s Journey to Become a Hair Stylist in Des Moines

My journey started 8 years ago when I moved from Dubuque to Des Moines to attend school at the Aveda Institue Des Moines. Before cosmetology school then my hair experience consisted of show choir curls and bumps, along with braids and ponytails for my tomboy little sister. Boy can I rock out a braid and back comb up to Jesus.

Jacob’s Passion for Hair Started Early in Life

Hair styling was always something I had interest in growing up, from getting my hair colored growing up, to experimenting with different styling tools on my own hair. But my passion really took off when I started my schooling. I was able to dig deep and understand styling on a new leave!

With science being a strong subject for me during high school I took to the chemistry behind hair color naturally! It became a passion to not just to create beautiful colors but to understand how the hair dye works on a chemical level.

Why Jacob Chose Trixie’s Aveda Salon as His Des Moines Beauty Salon

A salon is like an art gallery, it can hold a wide range of pieces from sculptures to watercolors, but what is important is the people that visit the gallery and how it changes their outlook.

Trixie’s salon is known not just for its beauty but for its connection to people. The connection to better; not only hair, but the community and people with in, is what drew me to become a Trixie’s Image consultant.


Jacob’s Favorite Part About Being a Hair Expert

For me, my favorite service is always changing. Whether we’re talking hair color, cutting, or extensions I enjoy transforming someone’s look from start to finish. Creating a style they feel confident in and can work even outside the salon.

What Disney Princess Matches Your Personality as a Hair Stylist?

My Disney princess personality test matched me with Tiana, The achiever. I would say this fits very well, I can often put my ambitions, and work before of my free time. But hopefully if I take a lesson from Tiana, maybe a frog will come along.

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