image consultant spotlight: Hannah Arant

We’re asking our Des Moines based team of stylists to tell us a little more about doing what they love. This week, we ask Hannah Arant, Director of Education, Manager and Image Consultant at Trixies Aveda Salon.

Tell Us About Your Journey in Becoming a Stylist.

I didn’t necessarily discover my love for beauty until I was in high school, and I worked front desk at a salon in my hometown. I loved watching them do hair and being at the salon, and they always would do fun stuff to my hair.. which made me love all of it even more. It was the best! I worked there for most of high school.

I considered going to hair school after high school, but ended up deciding to go to a 4 year college instead. I got a music scholarship for piano and viola at UNI and moved to Cedar Falls! I started school for Music Education, and hoped to be a music teacher. Unfortunately, I got sick with strep, tonsillitis and then mono partway thru my first year and ended up taking a break from school after missing multiple weeks 🙁 But, ultimately, this is how it all was supposed happen.

After taking my break from school and working, (at Target and then a car dealership, lol!) I did some soul searching and coming back to my love, hair! I attended La James In Cedar Falls and the rest is history 💙

How Did You Join the Trixie’s Aveda Salon team here in Des Moines?

When I first heard of Trixies Salon, it was thru a job posting on Craigslist. Lol!!! It was just after I’d completed school at La James in 2010, and I was hoping to move to Des Moines and find a salon there. Now this was before “The Craigslist Killer” movie and everyone used Craigslist for everything!!

Anyway, I set up an interview with Tricia and I drove down to Des Moines to check things out. Trixies Southside was being built. I met with Tricia and was SO excited. Everything she talked about that she wanted for Trixies was what I wanted! She talked of doing fashion shows, and the community. I could tell she would treat me well. I left the interview and was so jazzed about Trixies that I didn’t feel like stopping by any other salons. I started looking for apartments that same day and set up a viewing. I applied for the first apartment I found. Again, the rest is history 🙂 It was everything I needed at the time, I am so thankful I found my home when I did.

What is Your Favorite Salon Service at Trixie’s?

I don’t have one favorite service, I enjoy the variety in a day. I do have a passion for short haircuts, edgy and fun color, and styling. Especially vintage styling 😍😍😍

Last & Most Important: Did your Disney Princess Personality Test ACTUALLY Fit Who You Would have Picked?

My enneagram #4 (Belle from Beauty in the Beast) is very accurate, so that part is definitely correct. I’ve always loved the Disney princesses, and Snow White is my favorite but.. I’m waiting for short haired princess or maybe one with a modern mullet? 🙂

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