I scream, you scream, we all need to be wearing SUNSCREEN!

Kaley-Ryan Roderick, Esthetician and newly licensed Massage Therapist

It’s FINALLY Summer. Winter has come and gone, the sun is shining, and everyone everywhere is working on that summer glow.

My biggest passion is healthy skin! And here comes the part where I’m going to beg you and EDUCATE you on WHY you should be wearing sunscreen, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Sun damage causes your skin to age faster; overexposure to UV rays will kill off the healthy cells that generate elasticity, firmness, and even skin tone. This can cause your skin to droop and sag earlier than the age of the skin. Age spots, chronic redness, and hyperpigmentation can and will occur over time.

This is a photo from a truck driver who’s left side was exposed to the sun constantly for 28 years. Just look at that difference!

If the integrity of your skin doesn’t scare you, melanoma and carcinoma should. These are skin cancers and the more you expose your skin to UV rays and cause sunburns, the higher your risk.

No one is immune, and skin cancer can kill if not treated early enough.

If you made it this far and still are leary, watch this video. It will show you how the sun sees your skin, and what sunscreen can do for you.

Please Please Please, wear sunscreen, apply it every two hours (or as the bottle suggests when playing in water). Your skin is the only skin you have in this life, so please treat it carefully.

Have fun in the sun, enjoy yourself, but WEAR SUNSCREEN! 🙂

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