Hero Cuts.

We’ve said it many times but we have to say it again: We LOVE that we are changing the world around us for those in need one haircut at a time!
Our friend Stacy, who helps organize a lot of the events, recruited Katie and I to help cut hair for our Veterans in Ames. We had the honor of cutting around 20 men and women’s hair that morning.
We listened to them tell of their times in the war/wars, their families, the lives they’ve made after the war, friends lost, and many more journeys. I can’t tell you how much this time spend with these heroes means to all of us. It makes my heart swell even thinking about it.

Many of the events we attend do not allow photos, so we only have a couple from past Veterans appreciation days. If you know of any heroes that would love haircuts, please let us know. xoxo

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