girls night out.

in the wake of the 50 shades phenomenon,MAGIC MIKEcouldn’t have picked a better release date. the ladies have literally gone wild. not ones to miss out on such an epic event, the Trixies Girls piled in the car for the midnight showing on opening night… why wouldn’t we?!

the verdict: i rate the movie EC …. for Eye Candy… or Extremely Cheesy … both would work. granted, i did not expect much of a story line but it was bad. really, really bad. the dance scenes, however, were a saving grace.

PROS: +channing tatum – if the movie was two hours of just him dancing, i would have campaigned for an oscar.
+matthew mccona-hottie – im not sure if he was acting or just being himself, but it was brilliant. reminded me of patrick swayze in roadhouse. yum.
+the boys – the cast seemed like they were genuinely enjoying themselves and there were some laugh out loud moments and one-liners. +the soundtrack – amazing music and remixes… and mcconaughey’s “ladies of tampa” was a highlight.
CONS: ¶basically anything and everything outside of them at the strip club.
¶the debbie-downer storylineof alex pettyfer – got a little dark for the strippers with hearts of gold focus.
¶the acting of the girl who plays the love interest – she was almost painful to watch on the screen. and that laugh! ugh.
¶the ending – lets be honest, we wanted it to go out on a happy note with a happy little dance scene, definitely not what we got.

that being said, am i mad i spent $10 and stayed up past my bedtime to see it? nope… would i go again if a bunch of my girls wanted to? yep… “its raining men… hallelujah.”

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