Girl, get your brow on!

Jacob Zauche, Trixies Salon

With eyebrows making their mark on the Make up empire with everything from pencils, waxes, gels, to powders, stamps and more. It leaves a lot of us unsure what to use or even how to use the tools we have to create a brow that is meant for us! This often leads us to collecting all sorts of product that are either “to heavy’ or “too creamy” and end up disappearing half way through the day! Aveda new Brow definer was created specifically to give our guests a simple, easy, long-wearing and natural brow that is suited for anyones need!
So lets get down to the nitty gritty about what makes Aveda new Brow Definer stand out! In true Aveda Style the Brow Definer is made of 100% naturally derived ingredients and 100% Forest Stewardship Council(FSC) certified wood harvested and replanted ethically. Aveda as also managed to create a brow product that is Vegan, Cruelty-free and tested on humans, to prevent testing on animals. Available in 4 natural shades: light blonde, dark blonde, light brown, and dark brown to complement every hair color and skin tone! Created with texture in mind to strike a “happy texture balance” of not too creamy and not too hard for easy application. Including ingredients such as marula oil for bendable color and with jojoba and shea butter to keep your brows soft and natural-looking. Along with Candelilla and Camauba plant wax to give a long-wearing color that is smudge-proof, and water, sweat, and HUMIDITY resistant ! Which screams Iowa summers to me! Top all that off with its Shifted Lead technology created with a slanted applicator which is dual purpose to allows you to outline and shape with one side and fill with the other side. Watch below to see how it works :
With all these rockstar quality’s Aveda Brow definer is drawing attention in the brow community and will for sure soon be a staple to any make collection. Stop in at your local Trixies and check out the new Brow definer, or schedule a brow shaping to receive a complimentary brow touch up with your service. Let us help you get your brow on !!

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