Get to know Shelby!

get to know Shelby! She is a Spa Specialist at our Altoona location.
Find her @skin_by_shelbymae

1- I’m named after a car
2- I’m originally from Minnesota
3- I have a rare combo of naturally red hair and blue eyes
4- I’m 20, almost 21
5- I’m a big history buff
6- I have one older brother who is in the Navy
7- I mostly listen to music from the 50s, 60s. 70s. and 80s
8- I’m a die hard New York Rangers hockey fan
9- I’m a Disney freak
10- I have 5 tattoos. 4/5 are Disney
11- I’ve always felt that I was born in the wrong era
12- I’ve traveled to London and Paris
13- I danced for about 12 years
14- I’ve been to Disney world about 9 times
15- I used to want to be a teacher or do something with history
16- It’s a dream of mine to live in a different country, preferably Europe
17- I love watching musicals, especially older ones, ex Singing in the Rain
18- One of my favorite bands is Queen
19- I’ve met two of my favorite club bands
20- I love visiting close family friends in New York and Connecticut

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