get to know our newest image consultant… Delaney!

some of you may have noticed a new face around the salon recently. Miss Delaney is our newest addition to the Trixies team and here are her “25 things you may not know about me!”

1. I shop a lot.
2. I have a Morkie puppy named Mila and she gets treated like a child.
3. If I wasn’t a hairstylist, I would be a nurse or interior decorator.
4. I’ve been to Cancun 13 times.
5. I have one brother, Devin, and he’s 17.
6. I’m a lefty but cut hair with my right.
7. I have a weak stomach and get carsick very easily.
8. I love babies and puppies!
9. I’m really intrigued by true crime books/ tv shows.
10. I’m still bitter that Michelle Chamuel didn’t win The Voice.
11. I have 2 tattoos.
12. I could live off of turkey, bacon & avocado sandwiches.
13. My favorite color is coral.
14. I actually enjoy to clean and organize.
15. I’m not a fan of cats.
16. My favorite tv series is The Walking Dead.
17. Bees are my biggest fear.
18. I’ve had the same circle of friends since elementary school.
19. My middle name is Jo.
20. I want 3 or 4 kids.
21. I always save room for dessert.
22. Friends and family call me ‘Del’ or ‘Laney’, never the whole thing.
23. My biggest pet peeve is when people breathe heavily out of their nose… Stop it!
24. May 24th is my birthday.
25. I knew I wanted to work at Trixies within 5 minutes of being there!

next time you see her say hello and welcome her to the Trixies Girls!

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