foodie friday.

in an effort to be a better version of ourselves in 2012, a few of us at the salon have embarked on a health journey together! along with taking on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, we are attempting to generally focus on our overall wellness. food is obviously a HUGE part of that, and believe me, we are a group of food lovers! seriously, you would be impressed with our eating skills (haha). a common problem for salon professionals who work long hour days is not only eating often enough, but eating well. as healthy food is not always the fastest food option, sometimes we have to eat what we can, when we can, and devouring some junk really quickly between appointments was common.

mindful, healthy eating takes planning, and personally, my typical 11 hour days at the salon with a half-hour commute from home require me to plan and bring all three meals and snacks with me. so i am always looking for new ways to pack my food! salads have been a challenge for me. do i have to make them every morning? how do i keep them from getting soggy? do i have enough room to literally bring all the ingredients separately from home and throw them together? aarrgghh. salads suck!

[[enter wind whimes]] a savior of a guest told me about a pinterest recipe for salads in a jar you can make ahead of time and they, tried and true, will keep in that jar for up to five days!!

**pictures and more in-depth explanations here. also great site for tons of recipes:

seems simple enough: canning jar with lid. dressing on the bottom. goodies like onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, quinoa, etc. next. cheese, if desired, following that. and lettuce of choice on top. seal the lid. grab salad of choice, shake, and dump out when ready. whether its one, two, or five days later, it should be fresh and ready! sounds like a healthy lunch lifesaver to me….

have a fabulous friday! xo.

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