flatter yourself.

with spring here and summer quickly approaching, we have so many guests coming in to our chairs wanting a change. pictures are great, if you are realistic about the outcome (sorry, i can cut and style your hair but i cannot magically make you look like halle berry). when thumbing through magazines, stick to your desired length and texture, but also look for people with similar face shapes. if it is flattering on them, it will probably be flattering on you as well.

here is my easy tip for determining your face shape: pull your hair back into a ponytail (bangs back too!). grab a bar of soap. stand in front of a mirror. trace the outline of your face on the mirror. step away and check out the shape…. it is super easy and knowing your face shape can help you pick flattering hairstyles, sunglasses, etc.

here are some quick flatter yourself face shape tips:

if your face is round… a jagged, face-framing cut to soften the corners and give an illusion of length is best.

if your face is triangle… good choices are bangs that narrow the forehead and layers around your chin to give some width.

if your face is oval… you are lucky. almost anything goes! your balanced proportions and symmetry can carry most styles.

if your face is square… a full-bodied style with lots of volume accents those cheekbones and softens a strong jawline.

happy transformation! xo.

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