Did you say Demi+?!

Be prepared to hear some new lingo at Trixies at your next color service! Aveda is launching a new demi permanent hair color line beginning in February!For all of us color junkies this is SUPER exciting! This new color line offers a wide range of options for returning color guest and new fun options for guest looking to try out color. Along with its ammonia free formula, Demi+ is infused with Kukui, Sunflower, Castor and Jojoba Oil to improve the condition and shine of the hair. Keep reading to get all the details on Aveda’s new color launch!

Lets chat about color.

When we have a client in our chair there are a lot of thoughts that cross our mind to determine the path to take. Does the guest want this color forever? Is this a big change? What is the condition of the guest hair? Is shine important? How much grey are we covering? How often will the guest be back in for color? With Aveda’s new Demi+ we can answer all of these questions, and we can improve the condition and shine of the guest hair! Demi+ is a demi permanent color which means it is temporary, but it will last a minimum of 24 washes and fade true to tone. This is huge because when clients want to try a new color or an intense fashion color there is no worry of ending up with green or muddy hair after a few weeks of wear. This allows for a seamless color change transition. This is perfect for those color virgins that want to spice up their natural color without a huge commitment or for people who love their natural hair color and want to add shine. The combination of Kukui, Sunflower, Castor and Jojoba gives the Demi+ its high reflective and conditioning shine. We are really excited about grey blending as well! With the new Demi+ we can blend up 75% grey! That is a big number for a 93% naturally derived and ammonia free hair color.

With all these great components to Demi+, it’s hard not too see a million ways to treat every guest to incredible hair color. I hope this teaser excites every color guest and opens the minds of those color virgins out there. Demi+ color is for everyone! Thank you to all our Trixies followers for getting the DL on Demi+ and to the many more blogs post to come!


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