Considering lash extensions for the New Year? Here are some FAQs from our Esthetician, Kaley!

Hello again! Its Kaley with another blog about a new service that Trixies is excited to offer at our spa in Altoona: LASH EXTENSIONS! This up-and-coming service is becoming a fast favorite among anybody and everybody.

A lash extension service can help shorten your morning routine, add length and fullness to your natural lash line, and for some, be that extra little thing to boost their confidence. A few things to keep in mind, lashes do require a bit of commitment, regular appointments help maintain a fresh look, and to stay away from products that will be harmful to the new bond. If done correctly, lash extensions will enhance your natural beauty and give that “lil something extra” to boost your confidence.

With this type of service being so new, here are some FAQs:

What does a lash extension appointment entail?

A lash appointment comes in 2 basic varieties: A Full Lash Set and A Partial Lash Set. The difference between these are the number of lashes applied. A Full Lash Set is going to be about 75-100 lashes per eye, we are going to apply a lash extension to every natural lash that would be able to hold a lash, giving the appearance of a fuller lash line without the need for mascara.

A Partial Lash Set includes 50-75 lashes applied to each eye, and these are going to be applied every other lash along the lash line. This will still give a fuller look to the natural lash line, but not as thick as a full set.

Both sets are applied in a way that makes these extensions look natural and are flush with your lash line.

What is it?

Lash extensions are just an extension for your natural lash and they come in a variety of lengths and weights. Trixies uses the one to one technique where there is one lash extension per lash. This means a cleaner application every time.

Who is it for?

Everyone! This service is perfect for any type of person. The only requirement is healthy lashes and the commitment to take care of them.

If you are using strip lashes to help boost your lash look, it is important to remember, lash extensions are NOT a replacement for strip lashes. False lashes are designed with layers of lashes on top of each other to give an ultra thick appearance. Lash extensions are only ONE layer of lashes.

How long do they last?

Your natural lashes do grow and fall out, so the extensions would last as long as your natural lashes do. When applying lash extensions, it’s hard to determine which lashes are at the end of their life span, so fall out will occur.

Because of the fact that some lashes will fall out, it is highly recommended that follow up appointments are scheduled every 2-3 weeks to fill in those new spots. As long as you come in regularly, your lashes should last as long as you would like to keep them.

Do I need new makeup products?

In short, yes. You won’t need to purchase ALL new makeup, but anything used around your eyes will need to be lash safe. The glue used can become undone by certain makeup products such as: waterproof mascaras, liquid eyeliner, eye makeup removers, and, if you feel so inclined, strip lash adhesives. If you use products that disrupt the bond on the lash extensions, more than likely you’ll be paying to get them redone.

Trixies can order lash safe products that you can use at home, as we do not carry them in store. Another product that is very useful and can extend the life of your lashes is a sealant, this will help protect the bond between the glue and the lash.

Are there special aftercare instructions?

YES. These lashes do require a bit of commitment to keep them looking fresh and well maintained. Like stated above, new makeup products are highly recommended, things like cleansers and liquid eyeliner can be harmful to the glue.

While you want to keep from rubbing your eyes and using harmful products around your new lashes, it is still important to clean your lashes. This can be done with a lash safe makeup remover, or if you don’t wear makeup, using a Q-Tip with water. This will help clean away protein build up along your lash line.

Also, using a sealant on your lashes to help strengthen the glue holding them together is something we highly recommend. If used everyday you can noticed your lashes looking fresher longer, and in some cases even extend out an extra week for your follow up appointments.

Please book a consultation before scheduling your lash appointment so we can find a look to best suit you and to go over any other questions you may have! Kaley’s schedule in Altoona will soon be Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!

Here are some amazing before and afters for you to check out!!! xoxo

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