Coffee: Necessity evil or gift from the Gods?

Jacob Zauche, Trixies Salon

We all have that one beverage (alcoholic or not) that makes our day and seems impossible to go with out. For several of us it’s coffee, and for most of us it flows through or veins in equal parts with blood. Luckily for us, coffee isn’t a controlled substance and Des Moines has a plethora of coffee shops for us to fill our addiction. I’m gonna take you through some of my favorite coffee shops in the Des Moines area!

At Trixies Uptown we are lucky enough to have a fabulous neighbor:Fredricks Coffee! Not only do they roast their own beans, they offer nitro coffee, tea and smoothies! With these options so close, you can often find some member of the Trixies team hanging out or getting their afternoon fix in between clients. We also find a lot of our guests treat themselves to a beverage before coming down to Trixies to get pampered! Now hopping over towards downtown, another personal favorite of mine isScenic Route Bakery; with almost wall to wall windows, it offers a very scenic view of Locust and 4th Street. They offer a full case of pastries and sandwiches for lunch which pairs perfectly with either their coffee, tea, or macha lattes! I also love how SRB is great for everyone, whether you are spending an afternoon alone to write or read, to a meeting or lunch with a friend! Last on my Top 3 list is5 Borough Bagelout on the west side. This adorable little slice of New York is a must for any coffee and bagel lover! Their coffee options are simple, classic and hit the spot like you’re walking down the street of New York. They have several bagel options available from sesame seed and garlic to bialyand gluten free. But the cream cheese is what will have your head spinning; let’s just say the bagel is merely the mode of transportation to get a mound of cream cheese to your mouth! With great flavors from mocha chip and sun-dried tomato to vegan tofu cinnamon walnut. And if coffee isn’t your beverage of choice, they serve wine!

Now if you’re still reading and trying to justify going to three coffee shops in one day, I will support you and say “YES, you can!” Yes, you can enjoy coffee, food, and support local!

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