Christmas as a Stylist

Jacob Zauche

Let me paint you a picture: imagine you just woke up and still have that peaceful morning glow from a good night’ sleep, then you hear your phone from across the room ….ding…. ding.. ding, ding, ding, ding …..ding. Suddenly it clicks, it is the week before Christmas!So you roll out of your cocoon and check what could have your phone blowing up…

It’s your favorite client, Robin, saying her kids are puking and she needs to cancel her appointment three hours from now but MUST get in before Christmas so she doesn’t have to listen to her mother-in-law mention those gray hairs coming in.

Next it is Jill, your Mom’s bff’s second cousin who needs a haircut and conditioning treatment ASAP because she tried that new curling technique trending on YouTube for her Holiday work party and has fried her ends to a crisp!

Then it’s Brad, husband of your long time guest Susan, who was suppose to contact you three weeks ago to set up a cut before Christmas so he didn’t have to listen to his wife tell him “I told you so” when he gets a chop job haircut down the street.

And the messages go onand on, crushingyour Christmas excitement and quickly replacing it with thoughts of how you’re going to work 12 hours straight in the salon with one quick break to pee and 3 mins to chug down that pre-Christmas meal replacement shake to lose that last 5 pounds before your sister-in-law arrives for Christmas and talks about her 4 trips to the gym, 2 yoga classes, and 3 pilateslessons she does weekly while you stuff your face with Christmas cookies.

All while listening to the endless ringing of the phone from guests desperately searching for any possible openings this week… with Christmas music on repeat by 17 different artists singing the same songs that have been playing on a loop since the middle of November.

Now, if you’re still reading this and haven’t started to text your stylist a heartfelt” I love you, you’re amazing, and please never leave me,”don’t worry, we plan for and prepare ourselves for that week from December 26th of the previous year! And guess what, we wouldn’tgive up a single minute of it!Christmas is a crazy, joyful, exciting and amazing part of the year, which is a why we love making your Christmas season beautiful with a stop at Trixies!

Now remember, when you see us in January, please don’t mention how our booties are still a little extra plump from the endless Christmas cookies and treats we got showered with in December! We wouldn’t have survived without them to consume 1000 calories in 3 mins, all while texting, talking on the phone, and sweeping up endless hair!

Happy Holidays from the Trixies clan and best wishes in this New Year!

Jacob and the Trixies girls

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