Stories behind the stylist's chair of Trixie's Salon

Get to know Shelby!

get to know Shelby! She is a Spa Specialist at our Altoona location. 
Find her @skin_by_shelbymae

1- I'm named after a car
2- I'm originally from Minnesota
3- I have a rare combo of naturally red hair and blue eyes
4- I'm 20, almost 21
5- I'm a big history buff
6- I have one older brother…

Resolutions and Me

So we’re one month into 2019 and I feel like I can safely talk about resolutions without feeling defeated or overwhelmed.


Meet Krysta!

Krysta Enloe, Image Consultant

Krysta  is an Image Consultant at our Altoona location. Stop by and meet her!


1. I love animals

Maddie's Faves

My name is Maddie Rawlings and I am an image consultant at Trixie's Salon - Southside. I have worked with Aveda…

Who wants fairy hair!?

Angelina, Image Constultant 
Tinsel hair is the magical new trend we are rocking as we bring in the new year. Now that the holiday party season is upon us, a glint of shimmer is a stylish accessory to that sequin cocktail dress. They are fully customizable, whether you want a subtle and subdued gold or silver to a pop of color like…

Christmas as a Stylist

Jacob Zauche


You deserve it!

Jacob Zauche, Image Consultant at Trixies


Now that the holidays are passing by, we know we’ve spent a lot of time in stores, and it seems like every time we check out there is always a reward program to sign up for. If you're like myself, you always sign up with the hope of one day getting the great discount code or free…

*whispers... help, my daughter has lice*

Who remembers growing up and we would have to have our heads checked by the teachers or school nurse because there was an outbreak of head lice?! I remember always thinking "please baby Jesus, don’t let me have it..."

trixies X R3 wellness

We are finishing the year with goals for 2019, and Steph with R3 Wellness is going to help us reach them!

Kerri's Favorites