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Only Lovers Left Alive...

Have you ever heard of the movie “Only…

Meet Angelina!









  1. I…

"Calgon, Take Me Away!"

Why not let Trixies Altoona Spa be your Calgon...
Tricia Rivas, Trixies Salon

So, we have to be real honest: this whole spa thing is new to us at Trixies. We’ve spent the last 8 years focusing on hair. Oh man, are we having a ball though!…

The 80's called and they want their perm back!!

Tricia Rivas, Trixies Salon

That’s right, the perm is back baby! But you know what doesn’t come with it? The nasty fart smell (excuse my bluntness, but omg, clear a room why don’t you), and no wait time under a dryer with your eyes burning and then…

Spring Trends with Hinge!

Kelsey Mihalovich, Guest Blogger 
Owner of Hinge, Valley Junction

It’s all about that walk, Guuurl!


Jacob Zauche, Trixies Salon

Whether you're a fashionista or a fashion disaster, there is no experience like being at Fashion Week! Seeing the work of designers and stylists coming together to make flawless and cohesive looks walking down the runway in front of tons of people is truly like nothing else! The models make it all seem so easy as they strut down…

Stand Up for Clean Water


Hannah Arant, Trixies Salon 


Lack of clean water is a threat to survival for 700 million people every day. Thats right.


700. Million. People. :(


Every April, during Earth Month, Aveda donates 100% of the purchase price of the limited-edition light…

All About Waxing!

Kaley-Ryan, Esthetician at Trixies


Are you tired of shaving? Spending an hour or two to get every nook and cranny smooth but then finding Athat one spot you missed? And then having to do it all over AGAIN two days later?

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Bronze515, the meaning of being bronze.

Leah Wafful, Owner of Bronze515 Custom Airbrush Tanning


Since the young…

Meet Trixie!



Some of my favorite questions as a business owner:

"Do you ever sleep... and Can I call you Trixie?" Lol! Yes! I do sleep and actually need a solid 8 hours or I’m a crazy woman, and I…