Stories behind the stylist's chair of Trixie's Salon

Fall in Love with Yourself

For this weeks blog we focus on an upcoming self event, Fall In Love with Yourself. This two day retreat will be held at an Airbnb in Ames Iowa on Sept 20-22.

This event speaks to us because its all about choosing and loving yourself, and is led by Celeste Watson, Life and Relationship Coach. To view…

The Heart of an Entrepreneur

Tricia Rivas, Trixies Salon

I just had an “aha” moment and honestly, a very proud moment. I had another salon owner reach out to me because she said a little birdie told her we offer up to 4 weeks paid vacation, 6 weeks maternity leave and our salons rotate having the week of Christmas…

Power. Words.

This guest blog post is from a friend of Trixies, Christina Davis of Outside In Consulting. She is radiant human that we've had the pleasure to work with.

Please enjoy her words of wisdom and embrace that beautiful confidence we know you all have!

Xoxo, Trixies