Stories behind the stylist's chair of Trixie's Salon

Considering lash extensions for the New Year? Here are some FAQs from our Esthetician, Kaley!

A lash extension service can help shorten your morning routine, add length and fullness to your natural lash line, and for some, be that extra little thing to boost their confidence. A few things to keep in mind, lashes do require a bit of commitment, regular appointments help maintain a fresh look, and to stay away from products that will be harmful to the new bond. If done correctly, lash extensions will enhance your natural beauty and give that “lil something extra” to boost your confidence.

Another new face? Get to know Jacob!

"There are new faces around here..." I've heard this said many times the past few months from my guests. Yes, there sure are and we are pretty excited about it! Let's catch up and learn a little bit more about Jacob, a new Image Consultant at Uptown and Southside...