Stories behind the stylist's chair of Trixie's Salon

Aveda All-Stars!

This year Aveda released something called the Star Products! These products are the best of the best within the line. They are top rated, multi-use, and Aveda Artist (and Trixies Stylist) top picks!

Trixies Takes on NYC!

Do you ever have a moment of ugly crying because your heart is so full of pride, gratitude, and love??? Well, this past weekend at Intercoiffure's Fall Atelier in New York City was that kind of moment for me...

Trend Report with Trixies: Fall 2017

Fall is our favorite time of the year at Trixies!!! Ghosts, witches, goblins, and of course we love Pumpkin Spice everything! ...But what we really obsess over is fall hair and makeup...