meet Kelsey.

Kelsey Baldinelli25 Things You Didnt Know About Kelsey... high school student by day, front desk coordinator by night. super stylish and follows Katie's philosophy: you can never be too tan or too blonde! 1. i like to sew. 2. i have two sisters. 3. i've been riding horses since i was four! 4. i love kids and babies. 5. i have four dogs and one horse. 6. i love summer. 7. celebrity crush - Ryan Gosling. 8. i want to see Paris before i die. 9. i never want to move out of Iowa. 10. favorite colors - pink and yellow. 11. i love TOMs and boots. 12. Miranda Lambert is my idol. 13. i've had the same best friend since i was two. 14. Water for Elephants is my favorite book. 15. i hate it when i'm not tan. 16. i love cheetah print. 17. i get extremely disgusted by weird smells. 18. i love country music. 19. i've been a cheerleader at Lincoln for three years. 20. i am NOT a morning person. at all. 21. i used to be a vegetarian. 22. favorite food - chinese. 23. i am usually very loud. 24. i treat my dogs like humans. 25. you can call me a tomboy, but i like to hunt and fish with my dad!

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