meet Ashley.

Ashley Hirsh25 Things You Didnt Know About Ashley... our always smiling front desk coordinator, full-time cosmo student, and organizer extraordinaire... 1. i hate scary movies. they freak me out and give me nightmares! 2. i have been married since 2005. 3. i hate drinking white milk. 4. favorite color is green. 5. i love consignment shopping. 6. music is a way of expression for me and i love pretty much anything but country. 7. i love horses. 8. i can get emotional about things easily. 9. im very stubborn. 10. i love shopping. 11. i want to travel. ive never done much and only been on a plane to travel once! 12. ive never grown my hair much past my shoulders. 13. i have a huge OCD about socks being saggy on feet! it drives me crazy! 14. i love sushi. its amazingly good! 15. i played volleyball in high school and still love it. 16. i love cooked carrots with salt and pepper. 17. i am scared of heights. 18. i get car sick easily. 19. i have one brother and a step-sister named Ashley, too. 20. i love wine. merlot is one of my favorites. 21. i have a step-son and my husband and i have a son together. yes, i live with all boys! 22. i love to do crafts. 23. my Mom is an inspiration to me. 24. i love photography. 25. i have a huge passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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