meet Katie.

Katie Seals25 Things You Didnt Know About Katie... our spray-tan expert/weavologist and hot mamma stylist... 1. i love college football. 2. favorite food = french fries. 3. i have a three year old son, Reece. 4. i've traveled to Spain and Italy. 5. i always wear hair extensions. 6. i love 80's music! 7. i was once a fashion major in college. 8. i have one sister. 9. i have serious OCD. 10. i had a mullet until 3rd grade! 11. ive ran three half marathons. 12. yellow is my favorite color. 13. i love getting pedicures, hate giving them. 14. i am a Leo. 15. Austin, TX is my favorite place ever. 16. i love to sing karoake. 17. i just bought my first house. 18. i graduated from the Aveda Institute Des Moines. 19. i could watch the Twilight series every day. 20. celebrity crush = David Beckham 21. i love tattoos; i have three. 22. margaritas are my favorite cocktail. 23. i went to the same school K-12 grade. 24. my family is the most important thing in the world to me. 25. i love being a stylist at Trixies!

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