meet Tricia.

Tricia Rivastaking notes from a popular feature in the tabloid US Weekly, we wanted to share a "25 Things You Didn't Know About..." list for each of our girls here at the salon. hopefully it will help you all get to know us a little better and provide a little entertainment while we are at it! enjoy. 25 Things You Didn't Know About Tricia... our fabulous owner! 1. I love to sing. 2. I loved school cafeteria food (especially the burritos!). 3. I wanted to be an actress. 4. My favorite football team is the Minnesota Vikings. 5. I have a secret crush on Kid Rock. 6. I love tattoos! 7. I am a passionate Twilight fan. 8. I want an old Mustang. 9. I am terrified of scary movies. 10. My favorite movie is When a Man Loves a Woman. 11. I have one brother. 12. My favorite places to visit are San Francisco and Boston. 13. I love to try new food. 14. I love my arms to be tickled. 15. I dream of the day I go to Italy with my husband Jeremy. 16. I have ran 2.5 marathons. 17. I LOVE to SHOP! 18. I am scared of heights. 19. My girlfriends and I still have sleepovers. 20. I lived in Wisconsin for a while. 21. I was on the dance team in high school. 22. I love all music. 23. I am O.C.D. 24. Ryan Gosling is my boyfriend. 25. I want to work at New York Fashion Week.

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