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Want to be a summer blonde...start now!

I know it feels like Winter has just begun with all the lovely weather we’ve had this past couple of months. We definitely have more chilly weather coming our way. I just noticed swimsuits and Spring clothes filling the aisles already. We’ll be soaking up the sun and sitting by the pool before you know it! Before you start planning your summer getaway, you might want to consider what your summer hair goals are

Beauty Salon Top 3 Questions... Answered!

Do I really have to bring a cash tip? What is the appropriate amount? Why do my hairstylist prices change? By now you should know that Trixies Aveda Salons in Des Moines takes pride in creating an open culture of real people that are passionate about you. That's why we're doing our best to put our cards on the table and explaining those (maybe) embarrassing questions. xoxo

Midwest Styling Awards Featuring Trixies Aveda Salon

At Trixies, part of our unique experience is the atmosphere of creativity that we cultivate amongst our stylists. In September of 2019, our team participated in the Midwest Hairstyling Awards and rocked the runway show. Check out our inspiring looks, and why we think we are the midwest (and world's) best.

We Love Fall In Des Moines

Fall is all a bunch of Hocus Pocus, and Hocus Pocus is one of my all time favorite Halloween movies. I actually love EVERYTHING about this time of year!! Especially the leaves changing into the beautiful golds, reds, oranges and browns. This time of year gets me so excited to play with my guests' hair and bring those fall colors to life. Skim through my fall round up!

Oh Hey Business Record - We Love You Too.

We Love Our Des Moines Community, Community, Community! For this weeks blog, we just HAD to share this article that features Tricia Rivas, owner of Trixies Salon.

Ain’t Nobody Got Lips Like These!

Summer is coming to a close, and with the amount of time we have spent in the sun, it's time update our color palette! Now you don’t have to jump off the deep end and color your hair purple and blue. How about just starting with a fresh lip color to highlight that tan and get us in the mood for fall colors!

Fall in Love with Yourself

For this weeks blog we focus on an upcoming self event, Fall In Love with Yourself. This two day retreat will be held at an Airbnb in Ames Iowa on Sept 20-22.

This event speaks to us because its all about choosing and loving yourself, and is led by Celeste Watson, Life and Relationship Coach. To view…

The Heart of an Entrepreneur

Tricia Rivas, Trixies Salon

I just had an “aha” moment and honestly, a very proud moment. I had another salon owner reach out to me because she said a little birdie told her we offer up to 4 weeks paid vacation, 6 weeks maternity leave and our salons rotate having the week of Christmas…

Power. Words.

This guest blog post is from a friend of Trixies, Christina Davis of Outside In Consulting. She is radiant human that we've had the pleasure to work with.

Please enjoy her words of wisdom and embrace that beautiful confidence we know you all have!

Xoxo, Trixies


Scalp Tattoos or Hair Loss.. an Instant Solution!

Jill, Rejuve at Salon Bellezza

Tried Aveda’s Invati line but need more??? Meet Jill from Salon Bellezza in Marion, IA. She might have the answer you’ve been looking for...


Scalp Tattoos for Hair Loss.. An…