Baby got BACK HAIR?

Kaley Ryan, Spa Goddess at Trixies Altoona

Today’s blog is going to focus on what we can do about your or your significant other’s back hair problem.

Now we all have hair, we have it all over, but sometimes it’s unwanted, and unsightly. Ever been to the pool or the beach and you see a hot guy getting ready to jump in the water and he takes off his t-shirt and reveals a manscaped front, but then turns around and what’s growing on his back takes him from a 10 down to a 3?!

Literal. Body. Mullet.

(Now just imagine how proud Joe Dirt would’ve been to have a full body mullet)

Trixies offers back waxing services to bring you or your BAE back to the 21st century of bodyscaping.

Now, I’m not saying that just men need or want this service, women do as well. Like we stated earlier in this post, body hair grows on everyone. And sometimes an influx of hormones, medication, or even certain diseases can cause a super growth of hair.

A lot of people ask “why wax” and I respond with “why not?” If you know me in or out of the salon, you know my passionate stance on waxing. It’s easy, affordable, and takes less energy/time/breakdowns than shaving.

(Mr. Miyagi, not a licensed esthetician, but has the right idea)

Waxing pulls the hair out of the skin instead of breaking it off at the skin’s surface like shaving, giving you a longer feeling of fresh dolphin skin.

(Actual footage of my wax guests leaving the salon after an appointment)

But we’re getting off track, this blog is about back waxing. And how can you get an accurate shave on your back? You can’t. Unless you have someone help you… which I’m sure will get old quickly for them. Plus, think of all the money you spend on razors? Waxing takes care of all of that.

Not only will you end up saving money in the long run, you’ll actually start growing less hair in the waxed area over time. Amazing right?

So just do it. Get your appointment and get yourself waxed.

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