Aveda’s Indian Sunset Collection is HERE!

If you are anything like the Trixie’s Girls, you are counting down the days until spring! Warmer days are right around the corner, which means its time to switch up our makeup! Aveda’s newest makeup collection just came in and it is beautiful. We are loving the warm shadows, vibrant eyeliners, and the pop of pink lipstick. Stop in for your complimentary finishing touch with the new shades, and as always, all pieces are limited edition, so get them before they are gone forever…

“The limited-edition Indian Sunset makeup palette was inspired by the warm colors of a seamless sunset and the cool watercolor shades of dawn. Create intense, shimmering eyes with the sultry shades of a sun dipping into the horizon, or brighten them with the pastel light of a sun rising over it.” Check out a beautiful video with Aveda’s Janelle Gleason HERE.

xoxo, the Trixies Girls (in our favorite new lippie)

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