Altoona is Growing! Allison joins Trixies this Month.

HEELLLOOOO! I am Allison Moore and I work at Trixies Altoona location. I chose to work at Trixies because of their community outreach, commitment to new education with opportunities for business and personal growth, and striving to take the next step in my career. Im excited to go beyond what I can do behind the chair and make more of a difference in the community: From wanting to do volunteer work with animals and different shelters in need (because homeless animals need love too)… to following Tricias lead in the Dream Catchers Organization and being a positive member of society… to simply make a positive difference in the world! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be part of the Trixies team.

As a small town Iowa girl, I never had any intentions of being a hairdresser. I had two awesome ones that were great role models but the thought never stayed in my mind. I could care less about what I looked like and how people around me looked. My mom eventually put the idea in my head and I ran with it. I originally wanted to be a teacher, like most of my family members, so I could see teaching cosmetology one day!

A few fun facts about me:

  • My mom is my best friend

  • I am a middle child out of two brothers (14 and 27), who both live in Arizona

  • I have a Dog named Melvin and a cat named Alfred, and yes, they are the loves of my life

  • I love reading, especially a good murder mystery

  • I’m a sucker for a good nap

  • I was born without a thyroid, and I’ve only met one other person my whole life who was too!

  • I want to go skydiving!

  • My biggest fear is balloons. No joke, I’ll cry

  • Three of my most favorite movies are animated; Beauty and the Beast, Cars, and Zootopia.

  • I prefer savory over sweet

The next time you are in the Altoona location, stop in and say hello! xoxo

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