All About Waxing!

Kaley-Ryan, Esthetician at Trixies

Are you tired of shaving? Spending an hour or two to get every nook and cranny smooth but then finding Athat one spot you missed? And then having to do it all over AGAIN two days later?


Waxing is the answer to all your hair-y problems!

Sure, your neighbor’s friend’s sister had a Brazilian one time and said she’d never do it again, but what if I tell you that the benefits outweigh the pain?

Think about it this way: in under an hour and a half, you could walk away with smooth legs, underarms, or whatever you like, for FOUR weeks! And you don’t have to put in any of the work! Literally, you can just lie there and then BAM smooth body.

I’m not telling you it doesn’t hurt. It does, but the more you do it, the less it does. You’ll be building up a tolerance each time. Plus each time you wax, your hair grows back finer and lighter each time. Unlike shaving where it gets darker and coarser, your new growth will be softer. And as an added bonus, over the course of time, less and less will appear.

There are only a few maintenance things to do at home. The first is exfoliating a few days after the appointment. This helps prevent ingrown hairs from forming, as ingrowns result in the hair not being able to break through above skin. Also, refraining from sun tanning or tanning beds is highly recommended (for 72 hours) because the skin is sensitive for a few days post-wax.

I get so excited about waxing that I really could go on and on. But the main point of all this is that waxing is going to save you time and a lot of headaches from shaving! Especially with Summer (hopefully) right around the corner, you can be Summer body ready with no need for dieting!


Ps: PLEASE note that waxing is very beneficial for most people but there are a few contraindications for this service: Varicose Veins, anyone using Accutane, Antibiotics (wait at least 14 days after FINISHING the pack before waxing), and some retinol creams and Retin-A creams.

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