Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!

Jacob Zauche, Image Consultant at Trixies

Life as we know it can seem like it is on fast-forward without an option to rewind! This makes our time management key to getting the most out of the day. What if you could take one task a day and cut the time required in HALF!AVEDAhas stepped up to cut down on dry time when styling hair with the launch of Speed of Light Blowdry Accelerator Spray. Now I know it sounds too good to be true, so let me lay out the magic inside the bottle…

Our first key ingredient comes from sugar beets in the form of lactic acid. Don’t let the word acid turn you off. If you know your biology, lactic acid is a natural occurring acid released duringexcursing.Which totally makes blow drying count as a physical activity!! Lactic acid helps smooth and seal the cuticle allowing for better hair fiber separation to increase air flow around the fibers. This in turn decreases blow-drying time and damage done by heat styling.

If you’re not sold yet the next two ingredients will have you running to grab your bottle ASAP. Propanediol (corn-derived humectant) and Cetrimonium chloride (coconut-derived conditioner) act as protectants against thermal damage and instantly detangle the hair. Both are naturally derived and free of silicones which tend to cause build up on hair. But big word aside this product if a rock start proven to reduces breakage from blow-drying by 93%.

Paired with an aroma of organic mandarin, star anise, ylang ylang and grapefruit! Leaving very little room left in its 100% PCR PET packaging, which makes my inner recycling queen super happy! The Speed of Light is available at Trixies and allAveda Salons, not available online till a later date. With long hair on the rise, this will be a staple for anyone who wants Rapunzel locks without the blow dry commitment.

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