Where are our bookworms at?!

Who else has a night stand that is filled with books? At this very moment I have eight books and my journal. It would be ten but I actually just got done reading two (LOL) but I always pay it forward and gift them to others after finishing. I don’t want one more thing to… Read more »


25 Things about Taylar!

Meet Taylar! Taylar is triple licensed and is now taking guests for massage, spa and hair services. Book with her by calling Uptown at (515)274-9981. Follow her on social media: @Beauty_By_Taylar_With_An_A 1. My zodiac sign is Taurus 2. Rainy days are my favorite 3. I have a pet turtle named Calamus 4. I’m left handed… Read more »


25 Things About Lauren E!

Meet one of our newest additions to the team, Lauren! She is now taking new haircut guests at our Southside location. Be sure to follow her on social media: @LaurenEnglandd_Beauty I have been said to have the hands of an angel when it come to scalp massages! I am a huge book worm and always… Read more »


The Big C

Now that I have your attention with the title {LOL} let’s talk about how Covid brought a lot of clarity into my personal and business life. At this time last year we were all in the thick of so many emotions (as Facebook likes to remind me daily with my memories). In those moments, I… Read more »


Is Dermaplaning Right For You?

what is dermaplaning

The Trixies team is always looking for new ways that we can help beautify your life, and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.  That’s why we are so happy to include the dermalogica ®  line into our offerings, including the sought after chemical peel which pairs perfectly with dermaplaning.   What is Dermaplaning Dermaplaning is… Read more »