A Thank You from the girl behind the table

Kaley Ryan Roderick, Trixies Altoona

When I started my career I knew that Id be working closely with the public, something I was very comfortable with. I knew that I would be touching people every day and that I would get to know people in a different sense than most do in their lines of work.

I honestly don’t think you can plan on how a job makes you feel. In school they always tell you about salon life, but you can’t really know until you’re working yourself. I’m still new in this career, time wise, I’ve been with Trixies for almost 18 months. And in that time, I’ve seen quite a few of my guests have life altering experiences.

Some of my guests have experienced profound and total gut wrenching loss, some have had their whole lives changed with news of a new baby, and some are living their lives, going on vacations, buying new homes, and getting job promotions. I get to see it all and experience that pain and excitement with them.

And it is the most rewarding part of my job, it really is! I get to be able to come into work and have someone trust me enough to not only work on them but help them work through things. I never realized that I would have the chance to truly impact someone’s day.

Or maybe I did, in a small way, but it never really hit home until recently.

I just want to say a big and sincere “Thank You” to all of our Trixies guests who come in and let us make their day/week/month/year and being so gracious with their time and feelings. I know you have a million choices in where you could go, but you choose us each time. You let us make you feel beautiful, or relaxed and refreshed, and we plan on doing this for a long time.

It really is the best job in the world, and I wouldn’t trade it, or any of you, for anything else!

💜 Your local Trixies Spa Goddess.

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