A Message from Leah, Owner of Bronze515

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We felt compelled to share Leah’s powerful message about body image. We also highly recommend getting a confidence boost and checking out Bronze515!

Leah, you are beautiful inside and out.


Message from the Owner of Bronze515, Leah.

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I spray tan roughly 100 plus women each week. 75% of those women generally are explaining why they have stretch marks, saggy boobs, jiggly belly, etc. It pains me to hear this from women. Why? Why are we explaining things about our body? Why should we have to? So this is my bravest post I will ever share.

I am here not just as a business owner but s someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, weight loss, weight gain, binge eating, starving myself, and the idea that a size 6 is perfect. I often find myself making fun of myself. I have very little confidence in myself. I often say I am fat but at least I have a cute face and good hair! Why do I do that? Why do I let Instagram, magazines, and this world decide what is a good size for me? I avoid the mirrors in most places and generally get ready in the dark.

I contemplated posting this photo but I knew my clients, friends, family, and future clients were going to see this and feel ok. I want those that are reading this to know. It’s ok.

I am not posting this photo to get 1000 likes on instagram. I am posting this photo to show our clients that YES we spray tan real people. Real people with REAL bodies. None of that fake shit. So here is a photo of myself. No spray tan on. Minimal makeup. A real look into what a real body looks like. A real body of a women who likes to eat Chinese and binge watch Sex and the City while dreaming about her future.

Bronze515 is a supportive small business that encourages women to spend a little time on themselves. We give you a confidence boost. A boost that comes with an extra side of some Bronze. 💋 xoxo


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