40 Looks Good on Aveda

Jacob Zauche, Image Consultant at Trixies

If you follow us on social media you may have noticed the girls and myself having quite a fun time in Minneapolis! We were fortunate enough to attend Aveda Congress 2018, a gathering of global stylists and artists celebrating the Aveda we love on its 40th anniversary! It was amazing for Trixies to be a part of such a great celebration and an inspiring event full of Aveda love!

If there is one thing stylists know how to do, it is throw a great party! We got to start off Congress with a Saturday night performance called the Global Aveda Jam! The Jam was a mix of music and live performances on stage in front of thousands of artists! We saw everything from extravagant updos to edgey cuts done with clippers! So don’t tempt us the next time you ask for something “new and fun,” because we have plenty of ideas to choose from.

On Sunday and Monday we spent the day bouncing between rockstar performances on the main stage, wandering the experience center learning about new products and the science behind powerful ingredients that make Aveda products extra amazing! The first performance was with the Aveda Global Artistic team: consisting of Ricardo Dinis, Janell Geason, Ian Michael Black, and Bea Carmichael. The dynamic quadruple were inspired by #Worldhood, the concept of individuality and expressing one’s style through color, fashion, and heritage. Another great speaker was Charity: Water, which is partnering with Aveda in 2019 for Earth month, which helps fund water initiatives to provide clean water to people everywhere. This mission has been close to Aveda’s heart and know Charity: Water with help make the most out of the money we raise.

Congress is always a strong reminder of how strong we can be as a network and that every stylist can make a difference with Aveda. It was such a privilege to be able to attend and invest in our knowledge and Aveda tribe.

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