25 Things about our General Manager, Lisa!

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Meet Lisa!

This week our spotlight is on Lisa! Lisa is our General Manager and is also behind the chair as an Image Consultant at Trixies Salon & Spa. She is amazing at leading our team to reach their goals, and getting guests to their hair goals!

In celebration of her recent wedding, we wanted to feature an updated “25 Things” about Lisa.

You can follow her on social media at @LisaLyn21

1. I believe in laughing out loud when something is funny.
2. I love drinks with bubbles- la croix, fountain pop, champagne!
3. I was the student body Vice President in high school.
4. I graduated from the University of Iowa and have a B.S. in Psychology.
5. I love scary movies but still cover my eyes during the scary parts.
6. I rarely eat my food when it’s hot – I generally wait and eat it lukewarm.
7. I am a farmer’s daughter… and yes i can drive a tractor.
8. Black really is my favorite color.
9. Big fan of naps!
10. My husband was my junior prom date. We didn’t actually date until many years later.
11. I wrote for the newspaper in high school and my column was named “fishnet tights and glitter”
12. We have a 6 year old, Jack, who is VERY obsessed with dinosaurs and sea creatures.
13. My favorite drink is a spicy margarita.
14. My senior class voted me “Best Hair” and “Most Likely to be a Rockstar.”
15. Driving around on gravel roads with the windows down is my happy place.
16. I will forever love fringe and sequins.
17. I rarely wash my hair more than once per week = dry shampoo connoisseur.
18. l watch YouTube and listen to podcasts a lot. Amazon hauls, what I eat in a day, and street food tours from around the world on YouTube and true crime podcasts!
19. I am definitely left brained.
20. I have been a bridesmaid or an attendant in 10 different weddings. This fall was my turn to be the bride.
21. 21 is my favorite number.
22. Crying laughing face is my most used
23. I have a constant to do/reminders/schedule list in my notes on my phone. I would be lost without it!
24. I am old enough to forget how old I am. Thirty something…
25. I have worked at Trixies for 11 years and counting…

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