25 Things About Katie Hanson…

Meet Katie, the newest member of the Trixies team! Katie comes to us from the Aveda Institute and is a native of the south side. As always, here is a list of 25 Things… to help you get to know her. Enjoy! xofadie

#1. My long term goal is to live near water one day.
#2. My first job was at Dairy Queen.
#3. I never take my Cranberries CD out of my car.
#4. I’m still scared of the dark and sleep with my TV and fan on.
#5. My first tattoo was an impulse move.
#6. I love rock music.
#7. My favorite actor is Adam Sandler.
#8. I hate sweets.
#9. I worry way too much.
#10. I love the outdoors.
#11. I love what I do as a Daymaker.
#12. I was born and raised on the southside of Des Moines.
#13. I love meeting new people.
#14. The car I drive now was my Dad’s first car when he was 20.
#15. I love roller coasters.
#16. I hate the smell of lavender.
#17. I am the oldest of three.
#18. I’m the only one in my family with dark hair, skin, and eyes.
#19. My favorite restaurant is Bordenaro’s Pizza.
#20. Im very OCD.
#21. I hate the number 4!
#22. My toenails are always painted.
#23. I love going to the dentist and getting fluoride (the strawberry one).
#24. Everywhere I go with my Mom, we’re asked if we’re sisters.
#25. I am a major hypochondriac.


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