Stories behind the stylist's chair of Trixie's Salon

Getting to know Maddie, the newest Trixies Girl!

Meet Maddie, our newest addition to the Trixies Southside team!

life is better with a dog.

Here is Tank Rivas and let me tell you, we're all in love!!! We adopted him from AHeinz57 about a month ago. This organization is awesome. Please check them out!

Spring is in the air...

Bring on Spring! I love this time of year! Especially because Aveda comes out with their new makeup collections at this time each year.

Hero Cuts.

We've said it many times but we have to say it again: We LOVE that we are changing the world around us for those in need one haircut at a time!

Trixies Hearts Hinge.

When Jeremy and I travel, I'm often asked what my favorite things about Des Moines are... My response is always the same; people are so kind, family restaurants are superb, and the boutique shopping is one of a kind!

Trixies Celebrates.

This past December we celebrated our sixth Christmas Open House for Trixies Southside and our very first at Uptown! We love to celebrate each year with our guests and show them some love because of their continued support of Trixies...

new year, new you?

I vowed this year I wasn't going to do the whole resolution thing...

Aveda's Eclipting, the new ombre?

"The ombré just got a major upgrade. Meet eclipting, the new hair color trend that’s most definitely going to take off this fall."

Trixies X Kansas City Fashion Week

When we think of fashion week, our minds automatically go to New York, Paris, or Milan. I'm sure you wouldn't think of Kansas City. That might have been the census a couple years ago, but not anymore. The wicked minds that are spearheading Kansas City fashion week are kicking ass and taking names!

Aveda's Skincare Line gets an update... and its awesome!

Aveda has been rolling out the much anticipated update to the skincare line this year and the Trixies girls have fallen in love with Tulasara!