Stories behind the stylist's chair of Trixie's Salon

Our shoot with Breastfeeding World

What an honor it was to be asked to do hair and makeup with Raelyn for the breastfeeding world shoot. The day was filled with love, honesty, pitter patter of little feet, and all these gorgeous Mommies coming together for one beautiful shoot. This experience was an embodiment of the statement, "it takes a village," and that is truly what this shoot meant to us at Trixies: when one mom was…

I scream, you scream, we all need to be wearing SUNSCREEN!

Kaley-Ryan Roderick, Esthetician and newly licensed Massage Therapist


It’s FINALLY Summer. Winter has come and gone, the sun is shining, and everyone everywhere is working on that summer glow.

My biggest passion is healthy…